By Bare Knuckle Development - 10th May 2015

Bare Knuckle Development is an independent game developer based in the United Kingdom currently working on the sidescrolling RPG adventure game, The Flawless: Art's Tale.

We truly believe that games can be a form of art; an amalgamation of many other art forms blending together to create something unique and special. We want to make games that have heart and evoke emotion. We hope you will care about the characters as much as we do and enjoy learning more about the worlds they live in. We want the decisions you make to have consequences and for the challenge to be more than just simple gameplay mechanics and fast trigger fingers. We aim to make our games visually striking, stepping away from the traditional and edging towards an alternative beauty. More than anything we want our games to be fun and memorable experiences that you want to return to and share with others.

The BKD Team:

We are a small but skilled team, between us we cover all the bases needed to make an amazing game.

Ste Wilson – director, programmer, game-audio, developer, artist
With a background in coding, app development, web design, and sound recording Ste has a wide and varied skill-set that allows him to work on all elements of the indie games we produce. He is an obsessive perfectionist who works without rest to create amazing worlds for you to lose yourselves in. Ste is an avid gamer and has been since a child, he puts his knowledge and passion of all things ‘video game’ to work on every game he makes. Ste is also a musician and music maker under the name of Electric Fan Death. He has written and recorded a number of albums and is now bringing his music to the world of indie games. When not making or playing games Ste can be found at the gym, ‘feeling zee pump’, or scuba diving with some colourful fish.

Tony Leavy – director, writer, artist, designer, media
Tony has a degree in creative writing, and a love for scriptwriting and visual poetry. She spends her days in fictional worlds developing endearing, complicated characters, and writing mind-bending twists for the stories in our games. Tony is a keen photographer and uses here knowledge of composition to give the scenes in our games a lived in look that’s intriguing and interesting to the eye. When out of the studio Tony can be found working out at the gym, volunteering with disabled children, or chilling with a cocktail.


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Bit-Pulse Podcast Interview - Ste and Tony are interviewed by Hans Hedstrom from Bit-Pulse about The Flawless: Art's Tale, gaming , travelling, and indie dev life.

Our Games:

The Flawless: Art's Tale (Our First Game)

The Flawless: Art’s Tale is a thinking man’s side-scrolling RPG adventure game, with epic turn-based battles, an endearing cast of characters, an unforgettable coming of age story, and a surrealist art style created by Bare Knuckle Development.

You play as Art; an 8 year old boy who awakes to find himself alone in the brutal and black-and-white world of cats. Art is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure where he must save his pet cat, and best friend, ‘Mr Dirty Paws’ and bring colour to this surreal world. Along the way he meets numerous characters; some fight alongside him against the plethora of enemies that pollute the land, others would rather see him dead. As he is drawn deeper into this strange and complex world it becomes clear that saving Dirty Paws may involve saving the world but is Art up to the task!


There are currently no vacancies at Bare Knuckle Development. If you are interested in joining the team in the future please contact us via this form and we will let you know where to send your CV.