Sensing Danger – Play as a Mine Detector

Can you tell the difference between a bottle top and a landmine?

We developed a fun free browser-based game, Sensing Danger, for the University of Manchester, MAG, and the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation where you play as a mine detector.

Play as real-life mag heroes in Sensing Danger

In Sensing Danger you play as one of four real-life MAG mine-detectors and travel to six real-world unlockable locations. In each location you must scan the mine field from side to side and try to figure out which blip is a piece of rubbish and which is a landmine. Each level has 3 stars to unlock for correctly identifying all the mines in the shortest time possible. There are also online leaderboards so you can compete with others to see who is the fastest and most accurate de-miner.

To play the game for free either visit the University of Manchester’s game page or play it here at Bare Knuckle Dev.

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