Space Blaster Lockdown High-Score Challenge!

The ‘Space Blaster Lockdown High-Score Challenge’ finished on 1st June 2020. There have been some absolutely amazing scores but in the end AtuKiti took the top prize with a score of over 3 million on the Nintendo Switch. In second we have dario.persi with a score of more than 1.5 million and in third 420MacMan with a score of over 800k.

A massive thank you to everyone who took part we hope you had fun!



Think you’ve got what it takes to be a space blaster master? Think you can top our high-score challenge? Here’s your chance to prove it and win a $30 or equivalent value digital voucher for your platform of choice (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo). Not only that but 2nd prize is a $20 or equivalent value digital voucher and 3rd is a $10 or equivalent value digital voucher. The rest of the top 10 will get a free copy of the game on their chosen platform to keep or give to a friend.

All you’ve got to do is grab a copy of our retro space blaster on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 or Steam for less than 5 bucks and play it. When you get that amazing high score on ‘Survival Mode’ post a screenshot of the leaderboard on Twitter with your score and you’re good to go. We’ll update the leaderboard below daily so you know if you’ve got more blasting to do! Read below for full instructions and FAQ.



RankGamer IDPlatformScore
1.AtuKitiSwitch (NA)3051545
3.420MacManSwitch (NA)854600
4.squiddycr4PS4 (EU/UK)692480
5.AvengedEvilPS4 (EU/UK)692440
6.SaberX85PS4 (NA)395180watch video
7.sithknight666PS4 (EU/UK)233175
8.knoef_NLPS4 (EU/UK)193005
9.ChrisSwitch (NA)88150
10.pabloceboPS4 (EU/UK)61970


  • 1st Prize: A $30 or equivalent value digital voucher for your platform of choice (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo).
  • 2nd Prize: A $20 or equivalent value digital voucher for your platform of choice (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo).
  • 3rd Prize: A $10 or equivalent value digital voucher for your platform of choice (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo).
  • 4th – 10th Prizes: A copy of Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo on your platform of choice. You can get the game on a different platform, give the copy to a friend, or run a giveaway with the code.

* We will do our best to purchase a digital gift card/voucher for your platform of choice (Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo) in the currency you request. The value of the gift card/voucher will be roughly the same as the USD value stated for each prize but may be less or more depending on exchange rates. USD, GBP, and EUR are more readily available. If we cannot purchase a code in your preferred currency we will direct message you via Twitter asking you to choose either USD, GBP or EUR. You will be sent the code via direct message to your Twitter account within 1 month of the competition ending.


  1. If you don’t already own a copy of Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo go and grab a copy on your favourite platform; Switch, Xbox One, PS4 or Steam(Win/Lin/macOS).
  2. Play single player ‘Survival’ mode until you have an amazing score.
  3. Follow @SMSpaceBlaster and @bareknuckledev on Twitter.
  4. Retweet and like the challenge details tweet, we will link to the Tweet here once the competition starts.
  5. Take a screenshot of the ‘Survival 1P’ leaderboard and post it on Twitter making sure you add @SMSpaceBlaster, @bareknuckledev and #SMSBSp to the Tweet. We will know which score to add as it will be green in the leaderboard screenshot. If you need help taking a screenshot on your platform check below for how to do it.
  6. We’ll add your score to the above leaderboard (We’ll try to add/update scores daily) and on the 2nd of June 2020 the winners will be announced.
  7. If you want to add a better score you can just follow the steps above again. You can enter scores as many times as you like, we will keep your highest score in the leaderboard (if it’s high enough).



Need some help getting that high-score. No problem, check out the these awesome guide videos and articles.

Watch the ‘Space Blaster Turbo Survival Mode Guide’ video where the game’s developer, Ste Wilson, beats the boss and gets a high-ish score.

Have a look at this trophy guide by Knoef, it also serves as an achievement guide or just a general game guide.

Check out the tips article on 10 Tips to Becoming a Space Blaster Master.


  1. Can I enter a score I got before the competition started?
    Yes – Simply screenshot the score in the leaderboard and Tweet the image with @SMSpaceBlaster, @bareknuckledev and #SMSBSp included (We will know which score is yours because it will be green in the leaderboard image).
  2. Can I enter a score if I beat my current score?
    Yes – You can enter as many scores as you like but only your highest will count.
  3. Can I enter scores from multiple platforms?
    Yes – Only the highest score will count.
  4. Can I enter a score from 2 player co-op?
    No – All scores must be from 1 player Survival mode.
  5. I can see higher scores on the leaderboards on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam but they are not in the challenge leaderboard here, why?
    Scores must be submitted via a screenshot and a Tweet to be registered into the challenge. The only leaderboard that counts with respect to challenge winners is the one here.
  6. Can I use upgrades I have bought in the shop and mini-shop?
    Yes – We recommend unlocking everything in the shop and purchasing a shield, protectors and an extra big-bomb from the mini-shop when trying to get your high-score. If you have to choose just one upgrade make sure it is the ‘warp-engines’ upgrade which makes play much easier by removing the lethal screen-edges.
  7. Why did you choose Survival mode?
    The mode was decided by our followers on Twitter via a Twitter vote which you can view here. Save the Colony mode was not included in the vote because it is not an infinite mode.
  1. Save the Colony mode is my favourite why can’t you do a high-score competition for this mode?
    Save the Colony mode is not an infinite mode meaning once the boss is defeated and all 33 survivors saved there is little scope for getting higher scores. Protect Mother mode and Survival mode are infinite modes and allow the player to continue playing until they are destroyed.
  2. I don’t have a Twitter/don’t want to post this on my Twitter can I still enter?
    Yes – Join our mailing list here and you will receive instructions on alternative methods of entry. If you don’t want to join the mailing list and don’t have a Twitter it is free to join and simple to set up, just follow this link:
  3. If I am a winner how will I get my prize?
    We will DM the winners on Twitter asking for details of currency and platform of their digital voucher or platform and region of their copy of the game. If you applied through our mailing list you will be emailed.

Hope you enjoy the challenge, good luck, stay safe, and happy blasting!

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