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Well I’ve been really busy over the last few weeks adding the finishing touches to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo which launches in a few days. Even with the game development and media chaos around me I have still managed to find the time to seek out an amazing indie game to award with our ‘Best Indie Game in Development Award’ for January 2020. This game is Cirrata by Aaron Ingersoll and it looks truly gorgeous.


It’s All About Contrast

Cirrata is a metroidvania with a look that is reminiscent of Hollow Knight but distinct enough to stand out in its own right. The hand-drawn art-style and puppet-like animations really add a Tim Burton-esque feel to the game. The backgrounds are often dark and gloomy with light sources adding an illuminating contrast. This gives the game a real depth and makes for some stunning screenshots.

Glowy lights and foreground silhouettes – Cirrata looks truly gorgeous

Red Panda’s are Human too

The lead character is an anthropomorphised red panda called Kier. Information about the story is quite scarce at the moment but the developer does say that Kier is an ex-chef in a world that has recently become corrupted. In the game you explore vast areas, fight waves of enemies, and improve your reputation in town. There’s also mention of improving the town’s pub which sounds pretty cool, as all good games need a pub. Aaron also says that the game is inspired by console games of the 90’s, a retro gaming era that I am quite partial to.


Music to Fight to

Some of the videos show the combat. It looks pretty cool with Kier slashing beasts with his sword and shooting triple arrows from a distance. A few mini-bosses have been shown and hint that the game will be pretty big in size. Kier can also chat to people to get advice and presumably quests. In one video he chats to a toad who warns him or dangers that lie ahead. The music, by Benji Inniger, is really atmospheric. Layered guitars blend together rising and falling with the action. From the few videos I’ve seen the music adds to the game’s atmosphere and adds a warms to the often dark gloomy world.

Area maps look like they could be a sprawling affair

And the Award Goes to

Cirrata is confirmed for release on Steam whether it will hit the consoles as well is unknown but I really hope it does. The game looks like it will have a lot of depth and already has a great look and feel. So without further a do “With the power vested in me I pronounce you, Cirrata, the best indie game in development in January 2020”. For more information on Cirrata check out the official website, follow the game on Facebook and Twitter or join the game’s discord and become part of the Cirrata community.


Better get back to Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo, it’s launching on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Steam very soon. Then it’s back to developing The Flawless: Arts Tale and expanding the Flawless world of cats. See you in space, happy blasting! To keep up to date with everything BKD join the Discord: or follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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Ste Wilson is a director, game developer, and programmer at Bare Knuckle Development Ltd. When not coding away on BKD games he can be found playing video games on console and PC. He also makes music under the music maker name of ‘Electric Fan Death’ and loves playing guitar, writing tunes, and producing music.

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