Update Coming to Fix Trophy Issue in Space Blaster on PS4™

Huston we have a problem!

Fear not your trophies are safe and all will be fixed with an update in the very near future. Read on to find out more…

Space Mission 11 is complete but does not register – Will be fixed soon in an update

After the months of hard work that went into making the game we have found a bug that will prevent a gold trophy unlocking on PS4™ which will prevent the platinum trophy from unlocking. The issue is that Space Mission 11 ,’Challenger’, pops-up in-game saying it is complete and the corresponding ‘Challenger Trophy’ unlocks, allowing you to move on to ‘Space Mission 12’. However, Space Mission 11 does not register as complete in a certain part of the game’s save-file and still shows as incomplete in the ‘Space Missions’ progress screen. This means that when you complete all the space missions the final Space Mission (number 23 ‘Super Mega Pilot’) does not unlock and the corresponding ‘Space Mission Master Trophy’ does not unlock either making the platinum trophy unattainable. But fear not this will be fixed, very soon, in an update and all Space Missions and trophies that should be achieved will automatically unlock when the game loads. So any unlocked trophies are safe


This is not an issue in the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions but may also be an issue in the Xbox One version, we are testing this now. If it is a problem it should be updated and fixed before the Xbox One launch on 12th February 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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