The Last Pilot – Press Kit

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Intended for  release on Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & XBOX One.

The Last Pilot is a cyberpunk shmup/top-down-shooter hybrid featuring cats that fly planes and shoot big guns whilst trying to save all of feline kind. You take control of Moon, the only living pilot for the cats and the last hope to save their world from an unseen threat even bigger than the dog armies. Walk around giant flying air bases solving puzzles, shooting enemies, and talking to other felines. Then, take to the skies in your flying nuclear fortress, ‘The Weapon’. Blast down hordes of aerial enemies, use your power weapons on gigantic bosses, and bomb land targets with ‘big bombs’. The game is a pre-apocalyptic romp through a brutal world at war blending elements of sh’mups like ‘Sky Force’ with elements of top-down-shooters like ‘Hotline Miami’. All this in a fusion of steampunk and cyberpunk styles with an epic story and interesting characters.

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The Last Pilot is Coming

We are pleased to announce that our new video game, The Last Pilot, will be coming to PCs, Macs and console at some point in the future.

The Last Pilot is a cyberpunk shmup/top-down-shooter hybrid set in the same world of cats as our sidescrolling Action-RPG The Flawless: Art’s Tale. The game is a pre-apocalyptic prequel to The Flawless and will shine light on the events that led to the brutal Flawless world. The game is being created alongside The Flawless: Art’s Tale and will be released afterwards. A mini version of The Last Pilot may feature in The Flawless as a mini-game in the arcade but this is yet to be confirmed.
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