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I’ve been meaning to write about ITTA for quite some time. Since seeing the isometric pastel pixel art of the blue caped girl and her ghost cat in early development I’ve been captivated. Also being fond of shooters and exploration based games, ITTA is right up my street. The game exudes style and desolate mystery in a way similar to games like Shadow of the Colossus and Titan Souls. The game is developed by Glass Revolver and published by Armour Games Studios. It launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam on 22nd April 2020 so we’re just in time to give it our ‘BKD Best Indie Game in Development Award’ for April 2020.

ITTA YouTube Trailer


Itta’s exploring the world looking for a fight

ITTA is named after the protagonist, a girl named Itta. She wakes to find the bloody corpses of her family surrounding her. The spirit of her pet cat appears from its body and guides her on her imminent adventure. On the adventure she tries to find and beat 18 powerful bosses that are locked away below the world’s surface.

An angry shadow of a boss is no match for Itta’s boom-stick… BOOM!


These boss battles take the form of bullet-hell extravaganzas. Itta dodges and weaves around the enemy’s mesmerising bullet patterns trying to get a shot in. There are apparently a wealth of weapons each with distinct attack styles to allow players to find what is best for them. In the footage so far I’ve seen a revelover, a shotgun, a laser beam, a sythe, and a sword. That’s already quite a few weapons and I’m sure there are more in the game. As well as fighting and exploring Itta can also talk to characters on her adventure. It seems like there will be a few puzzles to solve along the way and a deeper story to discover.

Meet some interesting characters

I’m looking forward to playing ITTA on 22nd April 2020. From the dark fairy-tale pixel-art, to the tragic and mysterious story, to the deep and varied bullet-hell boss battles; ITTA looks truly amazing. So without further ado “By the power vested in me, ITTA, I crown you BKD’s ‘Best Indie Game in Development’ for April 2020!”.

Converse with beings


ITTA is a bullet-hell action adventure game on Nintendo Switch and Steam. After the tragic death of her family, Itta embarks on an adventure with the spirit of her pet cat. She explores a desolate world taking on strange bosses in extravagant bullet-hell battles.

If you like the look of ITTA why not get it on Steam, or you can follow ITTA on twitter, or join the official mailing list(bottom of page). I’m off to work on my action adventure game set in a world of cat, The Flawless: Art’s Tale. Until next time…


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