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We’ve just launched the BKD Gaming Discord Come and join to take part in beta’s of our games, chat about the best indie games, retro gaming, and anything else you feel like.
Join the BKD Gaming Discord for beta invites, info on our games first, and gaming chat

Beta Blasting

The BKD Gaming Discord launches with the beta test of Super mega Space Blaster Special – the feature-packed retro inspired frantic space shooter. Join the BKD Gaming Discord to take part in the beta test, and help us break the game to make it better. The Discord is a direct line with us, the developers. We’ll have loads of info, pics, and videos from our games that you can see first on the Discord. Come and tell us what you think, let us know what features you want to see in our games. Come and chat with us and others about the best indie games, retro gaming, the latest AAA’s or anything else that you fancy.

Super Mega Space Blaster Special has its own channels in the BKD Gaming Discord
We have channels for Super Mega Space Blaster Special and The Flawless: Art’s Tale. We’ll use the Discord to update you with the latest news about the games first. We also have channels for BKD chat, indie games, retro gaming, general gaming, game development, and general chat. We’ve also made a load of emoji’s for the Discord featuring things from our game worlds. We’ll have more cat themed emojis as we progress further with The Flawless.
Flawless hero Art blocks with his shield whilst his droid sidekick blasts the mecha hunter


We will have loads more information about ‘Super mega Space Blaster Special, and ‘The Flawless: Art’s Tale‘ very soon. Until then you can keep up to date with all things Bare Knuckle on the BKD Gaming Discord: or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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Ste Wilson is a director, game developer, and programmer at Bare Knuckle Development Ltd. When not coding away on BKD games he can be found playing video games on console and PC. He also makes music under the music maker name of ‘Electric Fan Death’ and loves playing guitar, writing tunes, and producing music.

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