Flawless Swords for Every Occasion

I’ve been working away on our young hero, Art’s, animations and his swords this week. Each sword has taken a lot of time to design, code and animate but they are really looking cool now and Art’s melee arsenal is rapidly expanding.

Hero Art uses melee weapons and he can find loads of swords that are all unique and upgradable throughout the game-world. In The Flawless: Art’s Tale swords are discovered in their basic form. The player upgrades them to their ultimate form by finding their original Flawless owner and beating them in a fight to the death.

Swords Swords Swords!

Not only does each sword do different amounts of damage they also have a unique special move when in their ultimate form. These special moves range from electrifying the barbed wire the sword is wrapped in to slowing down time; making fighting easier and certain fast moving objects passable. Charms can also be added to each sword to give them boosts in certain areas. These charms can be bought, found, or crafted; more on charms in a later article.

Three of hero Art’s many swords in basic and ultimate forms

Sword Movement

The weight of each sword will determine which animations Art uses. When Art carries the smallest sword he’ll swing it as he strides. When he carries the heaviest weapons he’ll rest them on his shoulder as he walks and runs. The sword inspired by, ‘Mesamune’, a legendary Japanese katana, has a special run animation as well. Art holds the katana out behind him and leans forward as he legs it like a samurai ninja boy.

Hero Art walks carrying a heavy beast of a sword

To compliment each of the swords there are shields for those who put the time in and find them. Art transitions between two stances at the touch of a button. ‘Sword only stance’ and ‘sword and shield stance’. The latter is slower but has some cool knock back moves and allows him to block things from above as well as in front. I’ll have an article about the shields soonish. Well I’ve better get back to finishing off hero Art’s combat animations, speak soon. 🙂

We will have loads more information about ‘The Flawless: Art’s Tale’ very soon along with a load of screenshots, animated GIFs, and videos of the new art-style. Until then you can keep up to date with all things Flawless and Bare Knuckle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.


Ste Wilson is a director, game developer, and programmer at Bare Knuckle Development Ltd. When not coding away on BKD games he can be found playing video games on console and PC. He also makes music under the music maker name of ‘Electric Fan Death’ and loves playing guitar, writing tunes, and producing music.

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